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We know what it means to provide exceptional customer service. We offer clients a unique and innovative approach to tackling all their design needs. From inception to installation — We take care of everything at competitive prices. Call us today and book a consultation!

Space Planning


Working Together


Designed Table Lamps


Comprehensive Evaluation

Every space has its own personality. A client's home may need a few added touches that they can do themselves,  a complete home staging done by our staff, a single painted room or a full renovation.  Your Living Spaces, LLC consultant will help you determine your best options that fit within your budget.

Personalized Attention For All Your Design Needs

A lot of people underestimate the importance of a well thought out Staging Plan and the impact it can have on the sale of their home. We work together with our clients to create the designs that are most suitable to their specific needs. Whether we simply accessorize your current furniture or furnish your home completely, we can meet all of your needs.  Contact us today and book a consultation.

Tailor Made Services Done Right!

Our contractors can implement your customized plan to perfection.  Whether you are in need for some simple repairs or an extensive renovation, we can assist you. 

Inspection Reports Done Right!

Once you receive an offer, we can quickly repair all of the items on your inspection report to get your house sold! Call us today and see what we can do for you!

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